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Success Stories

Our Customers are loyal for a reason.


Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships

Tom Eggers, Platform Digital Marketing Director

“Our dealership has used Dealer Wizard since 2012, and over the last six years we have been more than pleased with all this service has to offer. After implementing the software into our daily operations, we have increased our sales by at least 45 per month, are better able to retain our customers, and can now easily identify the right customer to share the right message with.”


Nimnicht Chevrolet

Ken Goethals, Vehicle Exchange Manager

“We started using Dealer Wizard back in December of 2015 and since then we have experienced a substantial growth in the number of sales through our Vehicle Exchange program. Prior to our partnership with Dealer Wizard we were averaging less than 20 units per month. The first month that we used DW services we generated over 30 units and it has steadily increased month over month since then. We are currently averaging close to 50 units per month. I would highly recommend to any dealership that is serious about improving the success of their Vehicle Exchange program to partner with Dealer Wizard. They also provided great customer service, everyone I’ve spoken to at the main office is friendly and professional. Our Acct Manager, Nick Cotignola, is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have and calls or emails me to see how everything is going.”


River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Blake S. Helfman, Sales Manager

“Dealer Wizard is an incredible tool that is unparalleled in the automotive industry! The cost per advertising has the best ROI out of all of our products. It has a spectacular way of driving traffic back to our showroom from the service drive. Dealer Wizard has been a game changer in prospecting our current customers to come back in and purchase!”

Beck & Masten Kia

Ben Wilson, New Car Director

“Dealer Wizard is a tremendous resource for our company. Since we started using their software, we have consistently captured an extra 15 to 20 car deals per month. Our rep, Lindsay, is a great asset for us. I am ecstatic about the results we have seen so far and am excited about working with Dealer Wizard moving forward.”

Bright Bay Mazda

Kevin Lazar, General Manager

“I have been using Dealer Wizard for almost 2 years now and have been happily surprised month over month with results. With Dealer Wizard, I am able to manage who is coming in through the service drive as well as renewals , equity customers, expired warranty vehicles, etc. The dashboard they have is simple to use but your dedicated rep really makes the difference. It’s not a costly tool to utilize and the ROI is 10 times my spend monthly.”


Brandon Honda

Grant Hocking, Quality Assurance Manager

“The best feature and benefit of Dealer Wizard is it gives you a direct look at your DMS without the fluff. It’s a flash card of your DMS that let’s you process the information and make a decision quickly. When you go in, you can see, in less than one minute, an entire manifest of everything that your marketing campaign did that month and you can then assign it out.”


Lisa Copeland, Chief Marketing Officer

Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry

“Of every lead provider we had, it was absolutely the most efficient, cost effective lead provider that I ever used in my automotive career. One of the things we like about working with Dealer Wizard was that it was very user friendly and we had our own account rep that would call me, the General Manager, once a month and let me know what was sitting in our database, how many leads we had, how many leads had actually been followed up on, and how many cars had been sold.”

Newbold BMW Toyota/Scion

Mike Rogers, Business Development Manager

“I just wanted to write a brief testimonial about my experience with your company – We have been Using Dealer Wizard for roughly five months as our equity mining tool. The owner asked me to start looking at companies to use for this six months ago. I reached out to three other companies…then Dealer Wizard. Upon discussions with Morgan Baum and other associates at Dealer Wizard, I decided to sign on with them. They got us up and running very quickly and we received immediate results! We have added at least $100,000 in gross profits each month by utilizing this tool. My account advocate Morgan Baum has gone out of her way to handle our needs very efficiently. I would highly recommend Dealer Wizard and Morgan for all your needs over and beyond the rest!”

Ourisman Leadership Team

Neil “The Wolf” Kopit, Integrated Strategic Marketing Director

“Dealer Wizard is the most effective, consistent marketing we do. The programs are executed seamlessly and timely so all we have to do is respond to the customers and sell cars. The support and training has been excellent over the years. We have even given up the co-op money from manufactures who wanted us to switch to less effective, more expensive vendors.”

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