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360° Performance Metrics

Quickly and effortlessly assess your operations and revenue producers.

Like a DMS on steroids, Dealer Wizard analyzes more than 700 discrete data fields from Sales, F/I and Service. Our state-of-the-art performance dashboards and 96 custom reports quickly identify opportunities within each store department, letting you point and click your way to profitability.

Departmental Snapshots

Dealer Wizard provides the opportunity to rapidly assess all departments and revenue producing employees. With our software, implement custom dealer-specific KPIs to identify and alert you before a negative trend becomes status quo.

Custom Reports

Manage your operation by utilizing our visually intuitive statistics and reports. Point and click your way to 96 custom reports and quickly drill down by department, employee, deal, RO or inventory. Let us help you better manage your people, processes and profits.

Inventory Management

Our proprietary software identifies market trends, makes recommendations, forecasts, and manages inventory for you. Our mobile app provides on-demand vehicle appraisals, market trends, book values and auction data. Sell Smarter. Sell Faster. Sell More.

Dealer Support

A Dealer Wizard dedicated account manager will identify trends, train employees and recommend courses of action to sell more cars and better manage your operation. Your account manager is available via chat, text, email or phone five days a week.

“Of every lead provider we had, it was absolutely the most efficient, cost effective lead provider that I ever used in my automotive career. One of the things we like about working with Dealer Wizard…

Lisa Copeland, Chief Marketing Officer, Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry

“We started using Dealer Wizard back in December of 2015 and since then we have experienced a substantial growth in the number of sales through our Vehicle Exchange program. Prior to our partnership with Dealer…

Ken Goethals, Vehicle Exchange Manager, Nimnicht Chevrolet

“I just wanted to let you know that my experience with Dealer Wizard thus far as been extremely uplifting. My store has been signed up now for 2 years and the growth in sales has…

Kevin Lazar, General Manager, Bright Bay Mazda

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