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Sell twice as much with half the effort.

The difference a dedicated marketing specialist can make.

Your Dealer Wizard account manager can create custom marketing campaigns using our proprietary advantages.

You will immediately be more effective using Dealer Wizard intelligence. Dealers collaborate with our dedicated account managers to expand capabilities in strategy and execution of marketing campaigns making your prospect communications more targeted. Develop a variety of programs to support your efforts onsite. Drive more traffic. Sell with better information, and close with confidence. Market more aggressively from all angles and expand your goals.

From hyper-targeted social media advertisements and personalized emails to customized ad campaigns—a dedicated Dealer Wizard account manager translates to increased productivity and sales. Imagine an additional set of hands to professionally execute branding, acquisition, and retention campaigns—month after month included in your Dealer Wizard service.

Dealer Wizard is your solution for capitalizing on your owner base. Our proprietary technology automatically analyzes the full scope of your DMS each month and our account managers help you better market to these prime customers.

Hear Tristan on Teaming Up For The Best Month Possible

Be smarter each month.

Using automated data mining, Dealer Wizard’s technology constantly isolates specific data points to identify owners who are most likely to trade. Your dedicated account manager can design and implement any combination of digital and traditional marketing campaigns to guide owners down the funnel into sales. Dealer Wizard makes you smarter, and our account managers make everyone more effective.

OEM-specific "smart" campaigns.

The advantages of Dealer Wizard’s intelligence and automation never end. Our marketing team provides additional support to ensure that local marketing messages align with your manufacturer’s regional promotions and special incentive offers. Through links with our proprietary data sources, Dealer Wizard implements the most current incentives available. All campaigns meet Co-Op eligibility requirements.

Virtual call campaign support.

Let Dealer Wizard help you bolster and enhance marketing campaigns through personalized messaging.  With our information, you’re now able to communicate the optimal message on-demand.

Social media marketing.

Your average customer spends 58 minutes a day on their Facebook news feed and scrolls 100 yards, which is the length of a football field, each day. Communicate to your owners on the platform that we know 90% of them are on every single day. Let us do the work for you, posting tailored advertisements on your owners’ news feeds throughout the month.

“Of every lead provider we had, it was absolutely the most efficient, cost effective lead provider that I ever used in my automotive career. One of the things we like about working with Dealer Wizard…

Lisa Copeland, Chief Marketing Officer, Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry

“We started using Dealer Wizard back in December of 2015 and since then we have experienced a substantial growth in the number of sales through our Vehicle Exchange program. Prior to our partnership with Dealer…

Ken Goethals, Vehicle Exchange Manager, Nimnicht Chevrolet

“I just wanted to let you know that my experience with Dealer Wizard thus far as been extremely uplifting. My store has been signed up now for 2 years and the growth in sales has…

Kevin Lazar, General Manager, Bright Bay Mazda

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