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Our Customers are loyal for a reason.


Damien Mallory, Director, Service To Sales

“If your dealership is looking for a company that provides a great service, a great value, and has outstanding customer service…look no further than the team at Dealer Wizard. Please pick up the phone and give them a call today, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”


Yancy Cobb, General Manager

“I’d like to say thank you to Dealer Wizard and my man Barry. With their dealer tools they keep us on point. It was very rough through the pandemic for a lot of dealers but we maintained profitability by using Dealer Wizard: one of our trusted allies and tools when I’m going to war everyday.”


Will Law, General Manager

“Since we’ve added Dealer Wizard we’ve found that our partnership is really two-fold; one, they provide a cost effective, highly efficient and user-friendly product that is easy for our entire staff to use. Second, their level of customer service to their dealer clientele is second to none.”


Blake Helfman, Sales Manager

“The results over the past seven years has been profound. On average, Dealer Wizard generates 15%-20% of our monthly retail sales with grosses that are consistently $600-$1,000 stronger than our dealership’s average…”


Crystal Dunning – Vehicle Exchange Manager

“The best part about Dealer Wizard for me would have to be the data mining tool just because I love the fact that I can search any criteria that I want and then I can target them in the way that I feel is best.”


Jason Rigby, Sales Director

“We love Dealer Wizard. It is a daily tool that we use everyday. Love the price of it, the value, really love Barry who is my Account Executive. He works with us consistently, almost on a daily basis to make sure that we have exactly what we need.”


Grant Hocking, Quality Assurance Manager

“The best feature and benefit of Dealer Wizard is it gives you a direct look at your DMS without the fluff. It’s a flash card of your DMS that let’s you process the information and make a decision quickly. When you go in, you can see, in less than one minute, an entire manifest of everything that your marketing campaign did that month and you can then assign it out.”


Ken Goethals, Vehicle Exchange Manager

“We started using Dealer Wizard back in December of 2015 and since then we have experienced a substantial growth in the number of sales through our Vehicle Exchange program. Prior to our partnership with Dealer Wizard we were averaging less than 20 units per month. The first month that we used DW services we generated over 30 units and it has steadily increased month over month since then.”


Tom Eggers, Platform Digital Marketing Director

“Our dealership has used Dealer Wizard since 2012, and over the last six years we have been more than pleased with all this service has to offer. After implementing the software into our daily operations, we have increased our sales by at least 45 per month, are better able to retain our customers, and can now easily identify the right customer to share the right message with.”


Allen Samuels CDJR, General Manager

“…The results have been profound. On average we have been generating 18% to 22% of our sales through Dealer Wizard’s mailer and our database… And their support team is through the roof, as well… If you want to build your business and protect your database call [Dealer Wizard].”

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