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Premier Equity Mining Solution
We help our customers move forward.

Dealer Wizard is producing more sales and higher profits for our dealerships.

We automatically segment your DMS and make it easy to deploy targeted email, letter and social media campaigns to drive more traffic and sales calls to your dealership. Plus, with your Dedicated Account Manager and our proven campaign templates, you can get new promotions out the door faster and with less effort.

We’re here for you so you can be there for your customers.
Try Dealer Wizard’s Premier Equity Mining FREE for 60 Days


Day no-charge period

Discounted monthly subscription fee: $1,295 (Standard Rate: $1,695)

Month to month agreement… no long-term contract

$1,500 install and set-up fee – now waived

1,000 letter campaign purchase match (month one)

Dedicated account representative support, with ongoing training provided at no-cost.

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