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Our Vehicle Service Contract Rewards Program is designed to give your dealership the
opportunity to utilize the Dealer Wizard Equity Mining Technology while covering
some or all of the Dealer Wizard monthly fees.

We may even cut you a check at the end of each month!


► Increase customer retention
► Grow vehicle sales through equity mining your database
► Increase service revenue 
► Reduce advertising expenses

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Service Retention


We'll have our professional call center engage your customers who were not sold a VSC at the time
of purchase as well as customers whose factory warranty or VSC is about to expire. The engagement may
be through outbound calls, incoming calls, direct mail, or email. When we sell a VSC to those
customers, your dealership will get a $200 credit per VSC toward your subscription fee. If we exceed
that amount, we can either cut you a check or give you credit toward additional mail, marketing cost, or training.

Service Retention


We will drive customers to your service department while earning your dealership Rewards Cash
to REDUCE or ELIMINATE the Dealer Wizard Subscription Fee at the same time.

For additional information, please contact your Dealer Wizard
Customer Service Manager or the Dealer Wizard Sales Team at (813) 712-5691.


Q & A:

Shouldn't my F&I guys be doing that?
In a perfect world, yes. Have they been doing it? How many times have you asked that it be done over the past few years? How often does it get done? You have a good F&I team, clearly, based on their performance. They are busy selling F&I to new customers and maximizing every opportunity, and it’s difficult for them to find time to make prospecting calls. It’s the same battle dealerships have been fighting for years: we should do it, but it never seems to be done consistently, much like getting salespeople to follow up or prospect. They should do it, we tell them to do it, but how often do they really do it? Our call center will get it done, and you will get the benefit of us doing it. Normally a professional call center would charge anywhere from $5 to $15 per record, plus some profit participation for these calls. We are doing it with no per-call fee.

Will this cannibalize VSC sales from our F&I department?
We will not cannibalize VSC sales. These are normally forgotten and unrealized opportunities. The VSCs will be priced higher than what you would charge a customer at time of purchase, so there’s no potential for a customer waiting to purchase the VSC in order to get a better price. Our focus will be on customers who did not purchase a VSC and whose OEM warranty or VSC is near expiration or expired. We will not contact customers within the first 12 months of ownership.

Do we participate in the back-end?
The structure of the program doesn't allow for back-end participation because of the post point of sale VSC transaction risk, i.e. cancellations -- greater risk of loss, no chargebacks, etc. The advantage to you is that we will sell service contracts on your behalf to customers you are not selling to now. You will get a $200 credit for each with no chargebacks after the customer's 60-day free look period, no charges for the call center, and you will have more customers servicing with your dealership.

What should we do if a customer previously contacted by our call center comes to the dealership to purchase a VSC?
You can do whatever you think is right -- either recommend that they purchase through us or sell them one of your sevice contracts.

What VSC products will your call center be selling?
Used Vehicle and New Vehicle Service Contracts. We will first focus on customers with factory warranties or VSC's that are expired or about to expire. We will not market to a customer within the first 12 months of their purchase.

Whose service contracts are you selling?
► The service contracts are through our parent company, Service Group.
► Service Group is an A+ Better Business Burea Rater Company.
► Service Group has been in business for 48 years.
► Service Group is known for integrity, trustworthiness, leading-edge products, and unsurpassed customer support. Many of our
     clients have been with the company for over 20 years.
► Service Group is one of the largest workers comp insurance companies in the country.
► Service Group is the top Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP) certifying entities in Texas and New Mexico.
► Service Group does business with five of the top selling dealer groups in the nation.
► This program is backed by an A rated, $30 billion insurance company.

When do we get paid?
There will be a 30-day waiting period for credits and there are no chargebacks after 60 days. For example, if we begin in March and sell 15 VSCs during that month, your dealership will be credited $3,000 on May 1st. 

How is the VSC being represented/sold to my customers?
Customer contacts are made and VSCs sold on behalf of your dealership through Service Group.

Will selling VSCs affect our equity mining efforts?
Our focus is on equity mining (selling a new vehicle) first -- we will not contact customers actively engaged in the Dealer Wizard equity mining process. We believe that this program will help your dealership retain customers, grow service revenue, and enhance vehicle sales.

What if the customer indicates that they are not interested in a service contract because they are thinking about trading their current vehicle?
There will be times when our call center identifies customers who are currently in-market for a new vehicle. When we identify them, we will send a notification to your dealership so that you may engage the customer about purchasing a new vehicle or trading their current vehicle.