Take your dealership's management team to the next level and
propel your dealership's growth with Forensix Virtual Performance Groups.

Deliver the insights, best practices, ideas, strategies and experiences of a 20 Group into
the fiber of your dealership. Forensix Moderated 20 Groups for Dealership Management will help your managers develop their
management skills, strategy, process and give them the knowledge and know-how to drive improvement and performance with their teams.

On a quarterly basis your managers will meet with a peer group and one of our industry expert moderators in a 90 minute session
to exchange best practices, present ideas, and discuss challenges facing their teams and the dealership.


During the sessions your management teams will:

• Review comprehensive performance composites
• Analyze performance compared to the top 10% of industry performers
  in addition to group, brand, regional, and national averages
• Share ideas and best practices with peers performing at high levels
• Create a game plan for success

Available Forensix Virtual 20 Groups:
• Finance and Insurance 20 Group
• Sales Management 20 Group*
• Service Management 20 Group*

* Coming in Q3 2017

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